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Marta Artola Pérez de Azanza

Graduate Student
Research Group: QUIMED Group Members
Marta Artola Pérez de Azanza

Marta Artola Pérez de Azanza was born in San Sebastian, Spain, in 1985. She obtained her degree in Pharmacy in 2008 at Universidad San Pablo-CEU of Madrid.

During her undergraduate studies, she did one entire course at University of Bath (UK) as Erasmus fellow and she carried out a three months internship at the “Universitée de Liège” (Belgium) where she presented her bachelor´s degree final dissertation with the project entitled “Separation of Chiral Drugs by Capillary Electrophoresis”.

In September 2008 she joined the Department of Medicinal Chemistry Research of Janssen-Cilag in Toledo (Spain) with a fellowship within the collaboration program between San Pablo-CEU and Janssen-Cilag, where she was involved in the synthesis of bioactive compounds.

In November 2009, she joined María Luz López Rodríguez’s group at Universidad Complutense de Madrid to pursue PhD studies. Her current research interests include all aspects related with drug discovery, medicinal and biological chemistry. In particular, she is working on the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new inhibitors of the cell division protein FtsZ, a target for antibacterial drug discovery.